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Ueno Zoo description and photos - Japan: Tokyo

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Ueno Zoo description and photo - Japan: Tokyo

Ueno Zoo description and photos - Japan: Tokyo. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Ueno Zoo.

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The oldest zoo in Japan is located in Ueno Park, which is remarkable in itself and attracts a great number of visitors during cherry blossom days. According to Forbes magazine, it is included in the list of fifteen best zoos on the planet.

Ueno Zoo is more than 130 years old - it was founded in 1882. The Ueno enclosures house 2,600 animals - representatives of 464 species. The most prized inhabitants of the zoo and the favorites of the Japanese public and tourists are the giant pandas, black and white bamboo bears. The zoo staff not only care for these animals, but also conduct serious scientific research to restore the population of giant pandas. The birth of every bear cub, and any more or less interesting event in the life of pandas, instantly becomes the objects of attention of journalists. When the last panda died in Ueno in 2008, employees in neighboring China rented a pair of bears for ten years. They arrived in Ueno in 2001, and it certainly became a sensation and attracted thousands of visitors.

In addition to giant pandas, Western lowland gorillas, Sumatran and Ussuri tigers, giraffes and other animals attract a lot of public attention.

The gates of the zoo are open to visitors every day, except Mondays. The visit to the enclosures may take longer than planned - the zoo is very large - you can take a tour of it in a monorail carriage. On the territory of the zoo there is the National Museum of Nature and Science, a children's gym. At the entrance to the zoo, guests are greeted by a life-size model of a blue whale. At the children's zoo you can pet pets and birds - goats, horses, geese and ducks.

The inscriptions on the enclosures are in Japanese and English. For a fee, tourists are provided with an audio guide also in English.

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Topic: Ueno Zoo description and photos - Japan: Tokyo.Ueno Zoo description and photos - Japan: Tokyo

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