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Argostoli description and photos - Greece: Kefalonia Island

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Argostoli description and photos - Greece: Kefalonia Island

Argostoli description and photos - Greece: Kefalonia Island. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Argostoli.

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Argostoli is the largest city and capital of Kefalonia (one of the Ionian Islands). The resort of Argostoli is the main port of Kefalonia and is located in a picturesque bay.

Argostoli became the capital of the island in 1757 after the population of the old capital of Agios Georgios (also known as Castro) moved from the mountainous area to a well-protected natural bay. This provided an opportunity for residents to establish strong trade links and led the city to prosperity and economic growth. Argostoli became one of the most important strategic ports in Greece. A cozy town with many magnificent buildings of the Venetian era, it was thoroughly damaged during a strong earthquake in 1953. Argostolion was rebuilt, but unfortunately most of the beautiful architectural structures have not been restored.

An important historical monument of Argostoli is the Drapano Bridge, erected during the British rule in 1813 by the Swiss engineer Charles de Beausse. The original structure was made of wood, but in 1842 the bridge was completely rebuilt in stone. About halfway parallel to the bridge, an obelisk rises on a stone pedestal in the water on a stone pedestal, on which from the time of its foundation there was a commemorative plaque with the inscription "To the glory of the British Empire!" But in 1865, a year after the end of British rule, the plaque mysteriously disappeared. The obelisk is to this day an important symbol of the island.

In Argostoli it is worth visiting the most interesting Archaeological Museum, as well as the Museum of History and Folklore, located in the basement of the City Library. In the vicinity of the city there is one of the most beautiful caves in Greece - Melissani with a picturesque underground lake and the Drogarati cave with stalactites and stalagmites of rare beauty. An important local attraction is the ruins of the Venetian Castle of St. George (the former administrative center of the island) 7 km from Argostoli.

Today, modern and cosmopolitan Argostoli is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches and comfortable hotels.

You should definitely take a walk along a very beautiful promenade paved with multi-colored pebbles and decorated with palm trees. The central square of the city - Plateia Valianu - has the shape of a square, along the perimeter of which there are many excellent restaurants, cafes and bars. This square is a favorite place for walking and recreation, both among locals and guests of the city. Lithostroto pedestrian street - the city's main shopping street with excellent shops - is also popular with tourists. There is a clock tower on Cabanos Square, from the top of which you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the city and its surroundings.

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