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Monument to V. A. Vsevolozhskiy description and photo - Russia - Leningrad region: Vsevolozhsk

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Monument to V.A. Vsevolozhsky description and photos - Russia - Leningrad region: Vsevolozhsk

Monument to V.A. Vsevolozhskiy description and photo - Russia - Leningrad region: Vsevolozhsk. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

Photo and description

Monument to V.A. Vsevolozhsky in Vsevolozhsk was opened in 2009. Vsevolod Andreevich Vsevolozhsky was considered one of the richest people in Russia. It was also called "St. Petersburg Croesus". He was the vice-governor of Astrakhan, a real chamberlain, a retired captain of the guards, a state councilor, the organizer of the first steamer in our country. As the owner of many enterprises, Vsevolozhsky paid great attention to new technologies: he introduced sugar refining, iron making in the English way. He was the founder of the first iron foundry in Russia.

V.A. Vsevolozhsky expanded, acquiring new estates and estates. In this way, at the beginning of the 19th century. in his hands a manor named Ryabovo with vast adjoining territories went. Vsevolod Andreevich invested a lot of financial resources and efforts in this estate near St. Petersburg in order to change its status.

In the 18th century. in the place where Vsevolozhsk is located today, there was Ryabovo manor, which Peter I presented to A.D. Menshikov after the Northern War. In 1774-1779. the estate was owned by I.Yu. Fredericks, who was involved in cheese making here. In 1818 Ryabovo passed into the possession of the V.A. Vsevolozhsky. Vsevolod Andreevich continued the reclamation work begun by the last owner of the manor, carried out gas lighting and built a sugar factory. The swamp ore mined here was used to build the work of the iron foundry, tin and iron were produced. In the manor workshops, agricultural implements were made, which were later recommended for use in many Russian provinces.

A huge garden was laid out on the territory of the estate, and vegetables, fruits, outlandish flowers and citrus fruits, grapes and peaches, which were supplied to St. Petersburg, grown in the greenhouse, were unusual for northern latitudes. A choir and a serf theater were organized in Ryabovo. In the summertime, all the aristocracy of the capital came here. The manor was visited by composers: Alyabyev A.A., Glinka M.I., Verstovsky A.N., sculptor Tolstoy F.P.

When Vsevolozhsky Ryabovo was recognized not only in Russia, but also abroad. Vsevolod Andreevich widely introduced soil irrigation and an artificial drainage system on his lands. The surname of the owners of the manor became the basis for the name of the railway station in 1895, and in the second half of the 20th century. - the city of Vsevolozhsk. The city is spread out in the valley of the Lubya River, in the place where the Rumbolovskaya and Koltushskaya heights approached each other. The youngest city of the Leningrad region received the status of a city on February 1, 1963

The Vsevolozhsky monument was installed at the intersection of Vsevolozhsky and Oktyabrsky avenues, 500 meters from the railway station. The authors of the monument are architect E. Hakobyan, sculptors Monochinsky, father and son. The idea of erecting the monument appeared in 2004, and the layout of the monument was completed in 2008. The monument was erected with charitable funds.

Vsevolod Andreevich appears in a cloak and top hat, leaning on a cane. According to the authors' idea, this is how Vsevolozhsky looked when he came here to inspect and acquire a plot of land that later became the village of Vsevolozhsky, and then the city of Vsevolozhsk.

In the future, according to the architect, it is planned to carry out a major overhaul of the abandoned post office , which is the background of the monument. It is also planned to create musical fountains on the opposite side of Vsevolozhsky prospect.

With the installation of the monument in Vsevolozhsk, a new tradition has emerged - everyone can write a letter with a request or wish for family happiness to Vsevolod Vsevolozhsky and drop it into a mailbox located on the building of the former post office located behind the monument.

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Topic: Monument to V. A. Vsevolozhskiy description and photo - Russia - Leningrad region: Vsevolozhsk.Monument to V. A. Vsevolozhskiy description and photo - Russia - Leningrad region: Vsevolozhsk

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