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Mozarthaus (Mozarthaus) description and photos - Austria: St. Gilgen

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Mozart House (Mozarthaus) description and photos - Austria: St. Gilgen

Mozarthaus description and photos - Austria: St. Gilgen. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Mozarthaus.

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Perhaps the main attraction of the city of St. Gilgen is the house of Mozart's mother. This building was acquired by the grandparents of the famous composer. Mozart's grandfather was a highly respected person in St. Gilgen. He served as a judge. Mozart himself never came to this city, which does not prevent the locals from exploiting his image with might and main.

Interestingly, his elder sister, whom everyone called Nannerl, lived in St. Gilgen for some time. Her husband was from St. Gilgen. She occupied the Pertley mansion. Mozart's sister Anna Maria lived in St. Gilgen until the death of her husband on February 26, 1801. After that, she left for Salzburg.

The Mozart house, which now houses the museum, was first mentioned in written documents from 1569. In 1691, the district court settled here, at which the grandfather of the future composer, Wolfgang Niklas Perthl, lived. In 1718-1720 he repaired and rebuilt this building at his own expense. The current Mozart mansion was designed by the architect Sebastian Stumpfegger. The coat of arms over the entrance portal is decorated with the date "1720" and a commemorative inscription.

St. Gilgen's connection with the Mozart family was forgotten in the 19th century. In 1905, Judge Anton Matzig found old documents in the attic of his own house, from which it followed that almost two centuries ago, relatives of the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived here. Then Matzig commissioned the Viennese sculptor Jacob Gruber a commemorative panel on which you can see images of Mozart's mother and sister. This plaque was placed on the facade of the Mozart House on August 16, 1906 and is still there.

Since 2005, the Mozart mansion belongs to the St. Gilgen Cultural Association, and in 2007 it was declared a national architectural monument.

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Topic: Mozarthaus (Mozarthaus) description and photos - Austria: St. Gilgen.Mozarthaus (Mozarthaus) description and photos - Austria: St. Gilgen

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