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Adventure Park ONE description and photos - Lithuania: Druskininkai

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Adventure Park

Adventure Park "ONE" description and photo - Lithuania: Druskininkai. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Adventure Park "ONE".

Photo and description

Adventure Park "ONE" is located in the picturesque Dzukija Park, in the town of Druskininkai, at the bend of the Neman River, just 200 meters from the Druskininkai Aqua Park. Adventure Park "ONE" was created for children and adults who are not indifferent to active rest and meaningful pastime in the fresh air.

The territory of the famous park is located on 3 hectares of land. Here visitors will find 9 tracks laid between trees, more than 70 different competitions and 18 downhill trails full of mad adrenaline.

People of any age will be able to relax in the adventure park: from toddlers taking their first steps to elderly people, from cautious and calm people to crazy and fearless. Tracks can be selected according to your physical fitness.

In the park, all 9 tracks are located on trees, located on a huge territory, and equipped with more than 130 stages. The longest trail is the 600 meter trail. This is the longest route in all of Lithuania. The height of the tracks and the number of stages belonging to it depends on the complexity of the chosen route.

Many park tracks are located in such a way that, going up and down them, you can admire a beautiful view of the Neman River. In total, the famous park has more than 30 stages of descending by ropes (by the way, 4 of them are across the Neman River).

An experienced instructor will help you choose the course that is right for you, which starts at a specially equipped area on trees, and which will mark the beginning of your start. At a height of several meters, you can overcome the stages of the competition, carrying on a rope, climbing nets, climbing bridges swaying in the treetops. The stages can be completed as quickly as possible or at your own pace. If you decide to pass the stage quickly, then the results are recorded, and for the best of them you can get a prize.

In total, there are 9 tracks on the territory of the entertainment park with varying degrees of difficulty. There are 2 tracks for children: "Yellow" and "Flight of Tarzanchiks".

The "green" trail is intended for exploring the park. Average height is about 3 meters. 10 competitions will help you assess your physical fitness and overcome your fear of heights. Traveling along this track, you will learn the main rules and reliable ways to overcome difficulties and obstacles.

The "blue" track, which is 400 meters long and 6 meters high, will require you to have good physical strength and endurance. The track is equipped with 15 different competitions.

The "red" track is 600 meters long and 10 meters high. She has prepared 20 different competitions for visitors.

The "black" track is the most difficult. It will require maximum physical fitness, high concentration and endurance. The track height is 16 meters. Equipped with 12 competitions.

The main pride of the ONE park is the attraction "Tarzan's Flight over the Neman". This unique route stretches over the Neman River, which is the largest Lithuanian river. The flight length is over 400 meters. Whoever dares to embark on this journey will find bridges floating in the sky, tangled chains of nets, ropes swinging in the treetops, and, of course, bright unforgettable emotions.

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Topic: Adventure Park ONE description and photos - Lithuania: Druskininkai.Adventure Park ONE description and photos - Lithuania: Druskininkai

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