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Marselisborg Slot description and photos - Denmark: Aarhus

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Marselisborg Palace (Marselisborg Slot) description and photo - Denmark: Aarhus

Marselisborg Slot description and photos - Denmark: Aarhus. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Marselisborg Slot.

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One of the important historical landmarks in the city of Aarhus is the summer royal residence of Marselisborg. The history of the palace begins in 1661, when King Frederick III, in payment of a debt, transferred the lands and lands to the Dutch merchant Gabriel Marselis. The property was managed by the two sons of Marcellis, Constantine and Wilhelm. Over time, for services to Denmark, Constantine received the title of baron, and the manor-palace began to be called Marselisborg. Due to the difficult financial situation of the family, the castle passed from hand to hand until the residence was acquired by the municipality of Aarhus in 1896.

The mansion was restored by the famous Danish architect Hak Kampmanni. Marselisborg Castle itself gives the impression of a light and graceful design, the building is located in the middle of a beautiful blooming garden and green lawns. The approaches to the residence are decorated with statues carved from trees and stumps, the author of the statues was Jorn Ronnau.

In 1902, the local authorities presented the residence as a wedding present to King Christian X and his wife Alexandrina of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. After the death of Queen Alexandrina in 1952, the castle was abandoned for fifteen years. In 1967, the Marselisborg mansion was restored.

Today, the castle serves as a summer royal residence. Changing of the guard near the castle takes place during the royal family's summer vacation. The palace is closed for public viewing, but the park is open to visitors when there is no royal family in the residence.

A magnificent rose garden is located behind the palace, in which some varieties of Queen Alexandrina roses have survived to this day. Today the garden has more than 350 varieties of roses, which are planted along the grassy lawns in the form of a labyrinth.

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Topic: Marselisborg Slot description and photos - Denmark: Aarhus.Marselisborg Slot description and photos - Denmark: Aarhus

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