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Royal Botanic Gardens description and photos - Australia: Melbourne

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Royal Botanic Gardens description and photos - Australia: Melbourne. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Royal Botanic Gardens.

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The Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne are located on the south bank of the Yarra River near the city center. On an area of 38 hectares, about 10 thousand plant species grow, representing both local, Australian and world flora. The Royal Botanic Gardens are considered the finest in Australia and some of the finest in the world. The long-term activity of the gardens for the cultivation of species imported to the continent is also of great importance.

45 km south-west of Melbourne, in the suburb of Cranbourne, there is a branch of the Royal Botanic Gardens, which covers 363 hectares and grows mainly native plants in a special section of the Australian Garden, opened in 2006 and already awarded a number of botanical awards ...

In Melbourne itself, botanical gardens are located adjacent to a group of parks known as Recreation Parks. It includes the Kings Domain, Alexandra Gardens and Queen Victoria Gardens.

The history of the Royal Botanic Gardens dates back to the middle of the 19th century, when, soon after the founding of Melbourne, on the marshy banks of the Yarra River, it was decided to establish a botanical collection. At first, the gardens were just a herbarium, but in 1873 the new director, William Guilfoyle, changed the appearance of the garden, turning it into a picturesque place for walking and planting plants of the tropical and temperate zones here.

Today, in the botanical garden, you can see several exhibitions corresponding to the geographical regions of the earth: Australian Forest, California Garden, New Zealand Collection, South China Gardens and others. Eucalyptus trees grow here a variety of cacti and succulents, roses, camellias, ferns, oaks and many other representatives of the world's flora.

One of the most famous trees in the garden is the so-called Branch Tree - a 300-year-old riverine eucalyptus, under which the state of Victoria was once declared an independent colony. In August 2010, the tree was mutilated by vandals, and it is still unknown if it will be able to recover.

Since its earliest days, the Royal Botanic Gardens have been working to research and identify plants through the establishment of the Victoria National Herbarium. Today, the Herbarium contains about 1.2 million specimens of dried plants, as well as an extensive collection of books, magazines and videos on botanical topics. More recently, the Australian Research Center for Urban Ecology was established here, which observes plants growing in urban ecosystems.

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