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Sami description and photos - Greece: Kefalonia Island

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Sami description and photo - Greece: Kefalonia Island

Sami description and photos - Greece: Kefalonia Island. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Sami.

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On the north-eastern coast of Kefalonia, 20 km from the capital, there is a small resort town of Sami. It is located on the shores of the picturesque bay of the same name at the foot of the most beautiful mountains overlooking the legendary island of Ithaca.

The modern city of Sami was built next to the ruins of the old city, which was one of the four main settlements of ancient Kefalonia. The earliest mentions of the settlement are found in the works of Homer. For many centuries, ancient Sami was a prosperous and powerful city. Its strategic position was not ignored by the Romans either. After a long siege, the city surrendered. The new owners made it an important transit point for the sea traffic between Ancient Rome and the territory of modern Greece.

Pirate raids in the 5-6th centuries AD. and devastating earthquakes led to the gradual decline of ancient Sami. The ruins of the once majestic city and its acropolis have survived to this day. Archaeologists also discovered the cyclopean walls of city fortifications, fragments of an ancient aqueduct, remains of a theater, houses and tombs. Important historical relics unearthed during excavations are kept in the Archaeological Museum of Argostoli.

Among the most popular attractions in the vicinity of Sami are Melissani Cave with a magnificent underground lake and Drogorati Cave with stunning beauty of stalactites and stalagmites and fantastic acoustics. Agrilia Monastery is also worth visiting.

Today Sami is the second largest and most important maritime transport hub on the island. Tourists are attracted by the magnificent mountain landscapes, excellent beaches, secluded coves and crystal clear waters. The city's waterfront is full of excellent taverns and cafes serving traditional Greek cuisine. During the summer, the city administration organizes various cultural performances (concerts, theater performances, etc.).

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Topic: Sami description and photos - Greece: Kefalonia Island.Sami description and photos - Greece: Kefalonia Island

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