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Life-giving source description and photo - Russia - North-West: Staraya Russa

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Life-giving source description and photos - Russia - North-West: Staraya Russa

Life-giving source description and photos - Russia - North-West: Staraya Russa. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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Not far from the town of Staraya Russa there is a small village called Buregi, which is located on the border between the Staraya Russa and Shimsky regions. The extraordinary spring "Life-giving source" has brought particular popularity to this village.

The history of this source originates from time immemorial. The spring is located near the highway between the village of Buregi and the village of Korostyn. Information about the exact date of the discovery of the source has not been preserved anywhere. The people are so accustomed to the fact that there is a spring that when it was closed in the post-war period, people felt not just destitute, but deprived of something extremely important, sacred. It is known for certain that already in the 17th century this spring was known and honored for its healing, unique and inimitable drinking water. Water from this source brought people strength and benefit from the very depths of the earth. People loved and revered this place. On all holy holidays they came to the spring for water, because they truly believed that on such days the power of the spring doubles.

In the 19th century, a small chapel was built here in honor of the icon of the Holy Mother of God "Life-giving Spring" with donations collected by residents of the surrounding villages and nearby villages, and with it a small bath.

The difficult war years and the post-war period were for a rare source for years full of trials. The territory was completely covered with weeds, the chapel was dilapidated and destroyed from old age. By the 1980s, this place had become absolutely neglected. Among the soil, grass and debris, the spring was almost impossible to find.

It was only in the late 1990s that this rare living source began to be cleared and restored. Archimandrite Agafangel, who in those years was the rector of the Resurrection Cathedral in Staraya Russa, played a special role in this deanery. This caring man decided to return the holy place to its former appearance and build a new chapel and bathhouse. The population of nearby villages and villages enthusiastically responded to Father Agafangel's requests for help, which everyone could provide. Weeds were removed, the place was cleared, the boulders covering the spring were removed. A little later, a small carved wooden shed and a chapel were erected here, visible from passing vehicles. A tall wooden cross was erected at the site of the old chapel. A simple but very convenient stone path was laid from the highway to the spring.

Today this place is very popular among residents of Staraya Russa, Novgorod, villages and villages. However, people from all over our country come here. There is always a large number of cars in the parking lot next to the chapel. People stop here with great pleasure to relax and drink extraordinary healing water. Water flows through the pipe, it is convenient and easy to drink and fill bottles with you.

Scientists have established the beneficial properties of water, which makes it unique. Water is rich in a large number of silver ions contained in it, and that is why it is absolutely pure and healthy. The mineralization level of water from this source is low. It can be safely drunk by people who have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. According to popular belief, it is known that thanks to this water people were healed from cancer, got rid of blindness, paralysis. The water is pure, clear and very pleasant to the taste. For more than ten years now, this cozy and modest place, popularly known as the Agafangelov spring, has been pleasing to everyone passing through.

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Topic: Life-giving source description and photo - Russia - North-West: Staraya Russa.Life-giving source description and photo - Russia - North-West: Staraya Russa

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