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Natural reserve ”Shalovo-Perechitsky” description and photo - Russia - Leningrad region: Luga district

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Nature reserve

Nature reserve "Shalovo-Perechitsky" description and photo - Russia - Leningrad region: Luga district. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

Photo and description

The nature reserve is located 2 km north-east of Luga. It was organized in 1976. The reserve includes two areas, one to the south, the other to the north of the Luga River. The area of the Shalovo-Perechitsky reserve is 5.272 thousand hectares.

The nature reserve was created in order to preserve the landscape of the middle reaches of the Luga with glacial relief, fragments of broad-leaved forests, pine forests, rare southern pine forests. This area is promising for family recreation, ecological tourism, sports, amateur, exclusive fishing.

The reserve has a very picturesque territory, the beauty of which is made up of lakes, sandy hills and ridges, various forests with rare plants. At the watershed, centuries-old forests have survived to this day, which are mostly represented by green moss, heath and reindeer pine forests, among them the rare for this region territories of dry grass forests are of particular value. They are also called `` flower beds '', because many relict southern pine, steppe and ornamental forest-steppe plants grow here. Colorful carpet " flower beds " against the background of green moss and reindeer moss ground cover, it is created by lumbago, including meadow lumbago, which is included in the Red Book, sand carnation, sandy sainfoin and other species.

Linden forests grow along the banks of the Oredezh and Luga rivers, along the coast of lakes , elm groves, oak groves with a typical set of companions for deciduous forests: wolfberry, noble liverwort, rank of spring and other early flowering ornamental plants. There are also areas of coastal vegetation.

The local avifauna is characterized by a large number of species of southern origin, which are quite rare for the Leningrad region. This is a white stork, and a black kite, and a kestrel, and a klintukha, and a green woodpecker, and a hoopoe, and an ordinary and ringed dove. A wolf was encountered on Lake Merevskoye, which is not part of the reserve. For the reserve "Shalovo-Perechitsky" such mammals as wild boar, hedgehog, hare are common. Four species of bats have been spotted here: long-eared bat, northern leather jacket, water bat and baleen bat. Some of them winter along the banks of the river in adits. Brook trout lives in Oredezha, which is not part of the reserve.

Specially protected areas include areas of deciduous forests, located along the slopes of the Luga River, dry-grass pine forests, rare plant species: meadow lumbago, open lumbago, swinging tuft, sandy carnation, sandy sparcet, young shoots, turkey marsh, green-flowered resin, Ruysh's snakehead, variegated horsetail, mytrium; scepter rare species of animals and fish: brook trout, white stork, eager lizard, green woodpecker, kestrel, ringed turtledove, bats of all kinds.

On the territory of the Shalovo-Perechitsky reserve, the following are prohibited: harvesting bark; tapping trees, starting fires, making fires in places not designated for this; parking and passage of motor vehicles - only along the existing network of highways, staging of motor vehicles in the water protection zone of rivers and lakes - only in specially designated places; it is prohibited to arrange landfills and pollute the territory of the reserve, lakes and rivers.

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Topic: Natural reserve ”Shalovo-Perechitsky” description and photo - Russia - Leningrad region: Luga district.Natural reserve ”Shalovo-Perechitsky” description and photo - Russia - Leningrad region: Luga district

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