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Tskvara description and photo - Abkhazia: New Athos

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Tskvara description and photos - Abkhazia: New Athos

Tskvara description and photos - Abkhazia: New Athos. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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Tskvara (Tskuara) is a village located in the Gudauta region of the Republic of Abkhazia, east of the regional center Gudauta, on the Black Sea coast. The western part of the village is adjacent to New Athos. The distance between them is only 7 km. The village was renamed several times. Until 1925 it was called Peter and Paul. In 1925 it was renamed Primorskoe, in 1948 - in Gogidskari, and in 1967 - in Arsaul. At present, the village has the official name of Tskvar, but it is still often called Primorsky.

The village of Tskvara is famous for the fact that on its territory there is a hydrogen sulphide hospital and a thermal mineral hydrogen sulphide spring, next to which you can see a mountain river and a small but very beautiful waterfall. People not only come to the village of Tskuara, to admire the local beauty, but also to improve your health, since the intake of mineral water from a thermal spring is useful for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. The content of hydrogen sulfide in Primorskoe water is 1.9 mg / g. The water temperature at the outlet is up to + 47 ° C. Thanks to this water, various diseases of the stomach and intestines can be cured. In addition, the healing mud from the springs of the village of Tskvara can be applied to the skin to cure arthritis, diseases of the skeletal system and even treat some diseases of the skin.

Hydrogen sulfide hospital is an indoor health complex that includes: hydrogen sulfide mud , baths, massage department, and a cozy cafe. The balneotherapy facility consists of three hydrogen sulphide pools, in addition, there are hot hydrogen sulphide showers. The baths are lined with large sea stones. A visit to the thermal baths is a very useful and pleasant procedure that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

The main highway of Abkhazia and the railway pass through the village of Tskvara.

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Topic: Tskvara description and photo - Abkhazia: New Athos.Tskvara description and photo - Abkhazia: New Athos

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