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Shah-i-Zinda description and photo - Uzbekistan: Samarkand

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Shah-i-Zinda description and photo - Uzbekistan: Samarkand. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Shah-i-Zinda.

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The Shakhi Zinda necropolis, located near the ancient settlement of Afrasiab, consists of about 20 buildings erected in the 9th-19th centuries. All of them form a kind of alley, so the locals call Shakhi Zinda “the street of the dead.”

“Shakhi Zinda” in translation means “Living king”. This is the name of one of those who are buried here. This is the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad Kusam ibn Abbas. He was murdered criminally in Samarkand. And about his death, the most unthinkable legends immediately appeared. He either fell into a crevice, or hid in a well and can rise from the dead at any moment. His mausoleum is considered the main one in Shahi Zinda, although there are buildings both more magnificent and higher.

Previously, it was believed that the very first of the 11 large mausoleums of Shahi Zinda dates from the XIV century, however, later, mazars (tombs) of an earlier period were discovered. Representatives of the royal family and noble families of Samarkand are buried in the mausoleums. In past centuries, this place was considered sacred, pilgrimages were made here, which could be equated with the Hajj to Mecca.

The mausoleums were built according to a single plan. A high portal leads to each mazar, the central halls are crowned with blue domes. Only one mausoleum stands out from the general background: it is decorated not in blue or turquoise, but in purple tones. This is the tomb of Tuman-aka - the wife of Tamerlane. The interior of this mazar is notable for its modest size, but has an exquisite finish. The Tuman-aka mausoleum rises above the rest of the necropolis. Only one mausoleum surpasses it in height, where the ashes of Ulugbek's beloved friend Kazy-zade Rumi lie.

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Topic: Shah-i-Zinda description and photo - Uzbekistan: Samarkand.Shah-i-Zinda description and photo - Uzbekistan: Samarkand

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