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Salo description and photos - Italy: Lake Garda

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Salo description and photos - Italy: Lake Garda

Salo description and photos - Italy: Lake Garda. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Salo.

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The town of Salo (accent on the last syllable) is located in the province of Brescia on the shores of the bay of the same name on Lake Garda. Its name probably comes from the name of the Etruscan ruler of Salodia, or from the Latin term “salodium”, which was used to refer to rooms in classic Roman villas.

Thanks to the discovery of a Roman necropolis in Salo, it can be argued that these territories were already inhabited in that distant era. In 1334, the Riperia Lacus Garde Brixiensis was created on these lands - a kind of federation that did not want to ally with either Brescia or Verona, instead deciding to ask for support from Venice. Despite this, already in 1350, power in Riperia was in the hands of the Visconti family, who ruled the city for almost a hundred years. Only in 1428 did the Venetian Republic reclaim its possessions. Later, control over Riperia passed from the French to the Spaniards, and in 1796 Napoleon appeared here, who, by treaty, transferred the conquered lands to the Habsburgs.

In 1943, Salo again found himself on the political stage of Italy: the Italian Socialist Republic was created here known as the Republic of Salo. The administrative institutions of the new state were located here, while the residence of the ruler - Benito Mussolini - was located in neighboring Gargnano. After the end of World War II, tourism began to develop in Salo - tourists are attracted here by the historical past of the city, its cultural attractions and excellent opportunities for practicing various sports. In addition, mechanical engineering is well developed in the city.

Among the attractions of Salo, it is worth noting the Cathedral, built in 1453 on the ruins of the more ancient church of Santa Maria. It contains paintings by Paolo Veneziano, Andrea Celesti and Zenone Veronese. It is also worth seeing the Church of the Apparition of Christ, built in 1712, San Bernardino from the late 15th century, and the Capuchin Temple in the Barbarano area. The building that houses the City Hall today was formerly known as the Palazzo del Capitano. The Municipal Library and the University of Salo are located in Palazzo Fantoni, built in the 15th century. Also noteworthy is the Archaeological Museum with exhibits from Roman times, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. And in the Historical Museum Nastro Adzurro you can get acquainted with relics and documents related to the period of the Napoleonic wars and the Second World War.

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