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Sigmund-Thun-Klamm description and photos - Austria: Kaprun

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Sigmund-Thun-Klamm gorge description and photos - Austria: Kaprun

Sigmund-Thun-Klamm description and photos - Austria: Kaprun. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Sigmund-Thun-Klamm.

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The Sigmund-Thun gorge is located in the Austrian federal state of Salzburg, southwest of the commune of Kaprun. The length of the gorge is 320 meters. The rocks that form it rise 32 meters. The river Kapruner Akhe flows through the gorge, forming a low but picturesque waterfall.

About 14 thousand years ago, the territory around the town of Kaprun was covered with ice, which formed the deep gorge Zigmund-Tun. In 1893, a wooden staircase was built here, which made the gorge accessible to tourists. This miracle of nature got its name in honor of the Salzburg governor Sigmund, Count Thun-Hohenstein.

In 1934, the gorge was declared a protected natural monument. Four years later, a walking trail was laid through the gorge, and in 1946, they had to forget about tourist raids, as a hydroelectric power station was opened nearby. They started talking about the restoration of the gorge in 1991. On August 29, 1992, the wooden walkways were restored, and tourists can once again enjoy walks over one of the most beautiful mountain falls in Europe. Wooden ladders and paths are attached directly to the rocks. They are slippery and wet from dampness and lack of direct sunlight, so you need to walk on them carefully. The entrance to the walking trail above the gorge is paid. At the end of the hiking trail, the path is blocked by a gate, which is blocked when tourists leave the trail.

In 1954, a cable car was built, which runs directly over the Sigmund-Tun gorge. Its lower station is located at an altitude of 835 meters above sea level, near the lower entrance to the gorge. The upper station is located at 1545 meters. The cable car, 1585 meters long, overcomes a height of 710 meters.

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Topic: Sigmund-Thun-Klamm description and photos - Austria: Kaprun.Sigmund-Thun-Klamm description and photos - Austria: Kaprun

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