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House of Vielgorskih description and photos - Russia - Saint Petersburg: Saint Petersburg

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House of Vielgorskikh description and photos - Russia - St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg

House of the Vielgorskys description and photos - Russia - St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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The Vielgorskys' House, originally in Moscow, and later in St. Petersburg, was a famous and beloved musical and cultural center of the city. Its owners are nobles, the Vielgorsky brothers, heirs of a huge fortune, patrons of art and patrons of young talents. Count Mikhail Vielgorsky is a politician and public figure, a well-educated musician and composer who did not become a professional, since he was in the civil service. His brother, Matvey, played excellent cello and was a co-founder of the Russian Musical Society.

The Vielgorski brothers played a huge role in the development and popularization of musical culture in the early 19th century. They were the most famous enlighteners in St. Petersburg and in Europe. Mikhail played the piano masterly and wrote about 100 pieces of music: cantatas, romances, two symphonies, oratorios, an opera based on poems by A.S. Pushkin `` Gypsies. ''

Matvey organized the first in Russia St. Petersburg Conservatory. Their friends - poets, musicians, writers - with great pleasure visited the salon of the Vielgorsky brothers, calling it the `` multilateral academy of arts '', since not only true admirers of music, creators who premiered their opuses, but also successfully passed literary reading.

In the house of Vielgorskikh F. Liszt for the first time played "Ruslana and Lyudmila" from the score (from the sheet). The poet D. Venevitinov called the Vielgorsky house "Academy of Musical Taste", and G. Berlioz, who came to Russia, was called "a small temple of fine arts".

In the fall of 1844, the Vielgorskys moved to Mikhailovskaya Square to house number 4, the former house of the tobacco industrialist Zhukov, located at the corner of Arts Square. The first owner of the yard, Colonel Lancry, sold it to Prince Dolgorukov, who in 1830 began building a large building. The house was built under the direction of the architect A. Bolotov.

In appearance, the house is similar to that of Jaco's house located on the other side of the square, opposite to it. The designs of the facades of both houses were developed by K. Rossi. According to the idea of K. Rossi, in the center of the building from the facade there was a passage to the courtyard from the side of the square, and on either side of it there were two main entrances. To date, the entrances from the side of the square have been removed; instead, the entrance from Italyanskaya Street, which was absent in Rossi's project, has been made. In the middle of the century, the perimeter building of the square, characteristic of the 19th century, was supplemented by the construction of separate courtyard wings.

Karamzin rented an apartment in a spacious new building, A. Smirnova's salon was located, the poet A. Tolstoy lived, then the Vielgorskys bought the 2 lower floors , and eventually the whole building. In the mezzanine of the mansion, they arranged a concert hall and living rooms, facing the square. M. Glinka took an active part in musical evenings at the Vielgorskys' house in the 1840s. The Vielgorskys had distinguished guests: V. Zhukovsky, N. Gogol, K. Bryullov, P. Vyazemsky and many others. Foreign celebrities coming to Russia first of all performed in the Vielgorskys' house. The walls of this house remember the play of G. Berlioz, F. Liszt, R. Schumann, J. Rubini. Mikhail Vielgorsky personally knew F. Chopin, G. Goethe, A. Pushkin, Mendelssohn, A. Griboyedov, F. Tyutchev. His brother, Matvey, collected a rich collection of stringed instruments, among the exhibits of this rare collection were even five Stradivari instruments.

In 1993, some part of the Vielgorskys' house was transferred to the Russian Gymnasium at the State Russian Museum. Now, in this famous house, young high school students are taught the basics of music, painting, science and art.

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