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Calitri description and photos - Italy: Campania

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Calitri description and photos - Italy: Campania

Calitri description and photos - Italy: Campaign. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Calitri.

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Calitri is a town in the province of Avellino in the Campania region, from which you can easily reach any point in southern Italy. Locals call it "Positano Irpinia", meaning the luxurious villas located on the Amalfi Riviera, many sunny days a year and incredible beauty of the landscape.

The entire territory of Irpinia is literally dotted with castles and aristocratic palazzo, which indicate that in the past this place played a huge role in the life of southern Italy. In addition, Irpinia and the adjacent Vulture region can boast of their landscapes, which have not yet been spoiled by mass tourism. Coming here, guests plunge into the atmosphere of the past with its antique villas hidden in thickets of bushes, the ruins of castles on the hills, ancient cathedrals. And the Ofanto river flowing here splits into many tributaries, streams and rivulets, which greatly enliven the landscape. Small waterfalls in numerous gorges also attract the attention of tourists.

Kalitri himself is known worldwide for his ceramics. The first local artisans were highly educated and respected people, and those who made pottery stood out in a special class. They were called "Faenzari" because they came from the village of Faenza. "Keramists" even lived separately - on Faentsari street. In addition, the art of embroidery is developed in Kalitri - it is quite widespread. Today tourists can spend a whole day in a pottery workshop and learn the secrets of this ancient craft. Especially popular is the workshop of Vito Zabatto, a local sculptor, who teaches the ancient Italic-Pompeian style. In addition, in Kalitri you can go paragliding, go horseback riding, skiing, go hiking or fishing. And those who want to relax and unwind are welcome in the surrounding thermal centers.

From Calitri, you can easily reach the resorts of the Amalfi Riviera or the rugged Gargano coast of Puglia, or visit one of the many old towns in the area. Monticchio is located in the crater of an extinct volcano and is known for its emerald-colored lakes surrounded by dense thickets of chestnuts and holly. There are also the ruins of the ancient abbeys of Sant Ippolito and San Michele. Aquilonia attracts fishing enthusiasts - there is an artificial lake San Pietro, as well as an ethnographic museum and an archaeological park. In Bisacce, it is worth visiting the castle of Castello Ducale, the Iron Age necropolis and the tomb of Princess Tomba della Principessa. There are interesting castles in the villages of Cairano, Conza della Campania, Lagopezole, Melfi, Rocca San Felice, Montella, Torella dei Lombardi and Venosa. The town of Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi deserves special attention - here you can see the abbey of San Guglielmo di Goleto, the chapel of San Luca, the Croce Greek church and the Torre della Abbessa tower. And in the village of Villamaina there is a luxurious thermal center of San Teodoro.

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Topic: Calitri description and photos - Italy: Campania.Calitri description and photos - Italy: Campania

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