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Mount Piket description and photo - Russia - Caucasus: Pyatigorsk

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Mount Piket description and photos - Russia - Caucasus: Pyatigorsk

Mount Picket description and photo - Russia - Caucasus: Pyatigorsk. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

Photo and description

Mount Piket is a small hill on the western outskirts of Beshtau, which is located within the city limits of Pyatigorsk. Most of the mountain is located on the left bank of the Podkumok river. The absolute height of the mountain range is 565 m, and the relative height is up to 40 m.The area of the mountain is over 140 hectares.

The name of the hill where Mount Piket now stands testifies to the Cossack picket previously located on its top (at the turn of 18 -19 Art.), Which monitored the surroundings. At the same time, the picket itself has not yet been found. Two burial mounds were found on the mountain slopes - archaeological sites of the early period. The crabs, discovered during the excavation of the mounds, testify to their robbery even before the time they were found by scientists. Therefore, all the contents of the burials that were in these mounds, lost without a trace.

To the north of Mount Piket is the Krasnoslobodsky cemetery, which in the second half of the twentieth century. was the main cemetery of the city. The cemetery has several more names, namely: settlement of Konstantinogorskaya, Kvartalskoe and Novopyatigorskoe.

Mount Piket received universal fame in 1976 after it became the venue for a folk literary holiday - the Shukshin Readings. From the eastern side of the Piket flows the Fedulovka River, a tributary of the Katun, and the Katun flows from the southern side.

From the top of Mount Piket, a vivid panorama of the landscapes of the foothills, the floodplain of the Katun River opens, and Babyrgan and Monakhova mountains are also visible from here. These magnificent and memorable places were often mentioned in the literary and cinematic works of the writer V.M. Shukshin.

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Topic: Mount Piket description and photo - Russia - Caucasus: Pyatigorsk.Mount Piket description and photo - Russia - Caucasus: Pyatigorsk

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