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Pellizzano description and photos - Italy: Val di Sole

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Pellizzano description and photos - Italy: Val di Sole

Pellizzano description and photos - Italy: Val di Sole. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Pellizzano.

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Pellizzano is a small town on the territory of the Italian ski resort Val di Sole, consisting of the communes of Pellizzano, Oniano, Theremenago and Castello. In recent years, it has gained fame as a summer resort, which has contributed to the development of tourism infrastructure and an increase in population. In addition, traditional types of activity play a significant role in the city's economy - zootechnics, commerce, timber industry and handicraft production.

Pellizzano and Oniano were founded in the era of Ancient Rome. The name of these communes comes from the Latin names Pellitius and Aunius, which is probably the name of the veterans of the Roman army who received these lands in recognition of their military services. According to the legend, in the Middle Ages, the powerful Frankish emperor Charlemagne visited here - they say that he converted the local pagans and Jews to Christianity and built a church that still exists today. In fact, the first written records of Pellizzano date back to the early 13th century, referring to an important agricultural and livestock center in the valley. After the plague epidemic in 1347, many families from Lombardy came here to work in the Val di Peio iron mines - this was the beginning of a long period of immigration. To this day, echoes of the Lombard speech are heard in the dialect of the local language.

One of the main religious attractions not only in Pellizzano, but in the entire Val di Sole is the Gothic-Renaissance church dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. This is exactly the church that, according to legend, it was built by Charlemagne, although it was first mentioned only in 1264. The current building, with its huge bell tower, is the result of several rebuildings that took place between 1470 and 1590. During those works, the antique Romanesque structure was completely changed. Inside, the church is divided into three naves with the help of numerous classical columns. Of the decorations, it is worth highlighting the chalice of 1524, painted with frescoes by Simone Baskenis, wall paintings by the brothers Giovanni and Battista Baskenis from the end of the 15th century, a fresco depicting the Madonna and Child with several saints by Cipriano Valors, four wooden altars from the 17-18th centuries and a painting by Carlo Pozzi. The small chapel of Canacci is decorated with wonderful stucco moldings. And also the wonderful Way of the Cross of Carl Enrici deserves attention.

Also worth a visit is Lake Caprioli in Fazzone, which has become one of the symbols of summer holidays in Val di Sole. This artificial lake was created in 1960 and today offers tourists many interesting trails, laid through the picturesque area at the foot of the highest peaks of Presanella.

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Topic: Pellizzano description and photos - Italy: Val di Sole.Pellizzano description and photos - Italy: Val di Sole

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