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Ha Gorge description and photos - Greece: Ierapetra (Crete)

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Ha Gorge description and photos - Greece: Ierapetra (Crete)

Ha Gorge description and photos - Greece: Ierapetra (Crete). Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Ha Gorge.

Photo and description

The stunning Ha Gorge is located in the eastern part of Crete (Ierapetra municipality). It is near the village of Vasiliki on the western slope of Mount Tripti. The gorge is considered the fifth largest and most beautiful gorges in Europe and one of the best wild gorges in Crete.

The rare morphological natural phenomena that can be observed in the Ha gorge are probably caused by tectonic earthquakes. The huge stone walls are impressive with an abundance of colors. This gorge is considered one of the most difficult to pass. Only experienced climbers with special equipment can overcome all its obstacles.

The length of the Ha Gorge is approximately 1-1.5 km. The entrance to the gorge is very narrow, only about 3 m and widens towards the top. In some places, the passage narrows to 30 cm. The majestic stone walls that surround the gorge are 200 to 400 meters high. Right in front of the entrance there is a small waterfall that forms a small lake. The waterfall takes its origin from a reservoir located slightly higher. It is not visible from below, but you can admire it as soon as you go up. There are also many small lakes and waterfalls in the middle of the gorge. Towards the end of the gorge there is the largest waterfall in Crete, its height is 215 m. The best time to visit the Ha gorge is winter.

Ha Gorge is a wonderful example of virgin nature, untouched by man. The flora and fauna of the gorge and the adjacent territory is distinguished by a variety of species. Here you can find many rare plants that are endangered. The gorge is a great habitat for wild animals, and reservoirs attract a huge number of birds. True, illegal hunting and other attempts to invade wild nature can seriously damage the flora and fauna of these places.

Mount Tripty is famous for its pine forests. Unfortunately, in 1984 and 1987, most of the forest was destroyed by fire. Despite the ability of some plant species to quickly recover and tolerate drought well, there is no talk of complete renewal yet, since illegal grazing of sheep and goats greatly interferes with this.

If you decide to visit this extraordinary place, you must remember about safety measures and be sure to have special equipment. Also, do not visit this gorge alone and without the necessary skills.

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Topic: Ha Gorge description and photos - Greece: Ierapetra (Crete).Ha Gorge description and photos - Greece: Ierapetra (Crete)

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