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Villa Toscana description and photos - Austria: Gmunden

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Villa and Park Tuscany (Villa Toscana) description and photos - Austria: Gmunden

Villa Toscana description and photos - Austria: Gmunden. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Villa Toscana.

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Villa Tuscany is located in the center of Gmunden, in the immediate vicinity of the city's main attraction - Hort Castle, built on the water. The villa is a small palace and park ensemble, built at the end of the 19th century. During this historical period, Gmunden established itself as a favorite summer vacation spot for European nobility, and therefore many representatives of various aristocratic families acquired villas, estates or even built small palaces here.

One of these villas was built in the 70s. e years of the XIX century on the shore of Lake Traunsee, next to the famous Orth castle. This villa belonged to Maria Antonia de Bourbon, Princess of the Two Sicilies and Duchess of Tuscany. At the time, she was already a venerable widow of sixty and sought seclusion after her family was forced to leave their native Florence. The villa itself was designed by her youngest son Johann Salvator, who subsequently renounced all his titles and went on a trip to South America, during which he died tragically. It is worth noting that Maria Antonia herself led a rather active political life in Gmunden, survived her son and lived to be 84 years old. After her death and until 1958, Margarita Stoneborough-Wittgenstein, the wealthy heiress and muse of Gustav Klimt, lived in the villa.

The villa itself was built in the style of romantic historicism popular at that time. It combines features of a variety of ancient architectural styles, but classicism dominates. Furthermore, some details of the appearance of the villa originate from ancient temples.

It is also worth noting a separate small building, consisting of two parts and three floors, including dormer windows. This is the so-called "little villa", built even earlier than the Tuscan villa itself - in 1849. It is made in the Biedermeier style and is a picturesque building, painted white and covered with a red roof.

The Tuscan villa is surrounded by an extensive landscape park belonging to the so-called "English" style - that is, this park is dominated by not symmetry, but a variety of landscapes. This park houses a modern congress building, a popular wedding venue.

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