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Geography and climate in Courchevel

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Courchevel is located in the French province of Savoy, 135 kilometers from Geneva airport.

The resort is divided into 4 multi-level parts: Le Pra (located at an altitude of 1030 m), Courchevel (at an altitude of 1550 meters), Courchevel (at an altitude of 1650 meters) and fashionable Courchevel (at an altitude of 1850 meters).


The climate of Courchevel is mountainous, but quite mild. Winters here are distinguished by the length and abundance of snowfalls. The first snow in this area falls in late November and begins to melt in May.

The thickness of the snow cover in some places reaches 4 meters.

The average air temperature in January-February is -5 ° С.


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Topic: Geography and climate in Courchevel.Geography and climate in Courchevel

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