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Kierikki Museum in Finland, Oulu resort

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Kierikki Museum is a museum and a recreated site of primitive man, located 35 kilometers from the city of Oulu. In this Stone Age Center, you can learn everything about Finnish culture and the life of ancient people in these territories.

In the IV millennium BC, permanent settlements of ancient people began to form in Kierikki, the number of which was growing rapidly. They got food by hunting seals.

The museum building is one of the largest log buildings in the world. Various conferences and conventions are often held here. Recently, a large hotel was opened for the convenience of tourists, in the local restaurant you can taste homemade Finnish cuisine, and in the gift shop you can buy unique gifts and memorabilia.

Not far from the museum itself, a Stone Age Village was erected, built on the basis of data and results obtained during archaeological excavations. From the village there are paths leading to the forest, walking along which you can see prehistoric traps for birds and animals. Also on the territory of the Kierikki Museum there is an old shooting range, where an experienced instructor will teach everyone to shoot from an ancient weapon - a bow. In workshops, you can try on a different role and try to make arrowheads from scrap materials.

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Topic: Kierikki Museum in Finland, Oulu resort.Kierikki Museum in Finland, Oulu resort

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