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St. Benedict Bridge in France, Avignon resort

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St. Benedict Bridge – The most famous medieval bridge in Avignon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Built in 1185, the bridge originally connected Avignon and the commune of Villeneuve-les-Avignon, running across the Rhone River. Several floods occurred during the construction period, and during the renovations the original length of 900 meters was reduced. After centuries, it became dangerous to be on the bridge: the supporting arches began to collapse. The bridge was finally destroyed in the flood of 1668. So, the bridge was gradually abandoned and abandoned, attempts to reconstruct it – also. The surviving supporting arches were destroyed by themselves or by the efforts of vandals. Today, only four arches have survived.

The bridge was inspired by the legend of Saint Benedict, which says that the young shepherd heard the angels telling him to build a bridge across the river. Everyone laughed at the boy, but after he miraculously moved a stone block, they believed in him. Wealthy townspeople supported the idea of building a bridge, they formed the so-called `` Bridge Brotherhood ''. After his death, the shepherd was buried in a small chapel on the bridge.

Rhone fishermen often came here, under the patronage of Saint Nicholas. But over time, they appeared less and less in the chapel on the bridge for fears that the bridge might collapse.

A new chapel was erected in the 18th century on the mainland. The bridge was also strategically important:

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Topic: St. Benedict Bridge in France, Avignon resort.St. Benedict Bridge in France, Avignon resort

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