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Acrocorinth in Greece, Corinth resort

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This acropolis of ancient Corinth is located south of the ruins of the city on a flat mountain top. This sheer cliff, which is surrounded by a three-kilometer wall, is absolutely inaccessible. Asphalt serpentine road leads to a more or less sloping entrance. From the side of the entrance, Akrokorinth is protected by double walls, already added by the Turks. The rest of the fortifications were built by the Crusaders and Byzantines, and the 11-meter-high tower is antique, built in the 4th century BC.

Another building from the times of antiquity – it is a source of drinking water from Upper Peirena. Thanks to him, Acrocorinth could hold sieges for a very long time. Steps carved into the rock lead to the source, and the pool itself is decorated with two semi-columns and a pediment.  

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Topic: Acrocorinth in Greece, Corinth resort.Acrocorinth in Greece, Corinth resort

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