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Patras in Greece, Peloponnese resort

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This city is the second largest in the Peloponnese. It is also the second port in Greece after Piraeus.

For the first time people settled here in the III millennium BC. The city itself appeared after the merger of three small Mycenaean villages in 1500-1100 BC. The city was constantly growing rich, it almost did not touch the problems that worried the rest of the Greek cities. That is why it has survived better than other large settlements. True, now the city is built up with buildings in the neoclassical style, and not at all ancient structures.

In the 19th century, Party began to be built up according to a strict plan. Therefore, its appearance and location of the quarters is quite different from other large Greek cities.


The main decoration of the Parta – it is full of restaurants and cafes in the squares of Psillalonia, Olgas and Vassilisis. Also worth seeing are the Byzantine citadel surrounded by a park, the Apollo Theater, a small archaeological museum, a Roman odeon and the huge neo-Byzantine church of Agios Igreias, built in 1979 on the site of the Church of St. Andrew. According to legend, this saint was killed here in 69 AD.

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Topic: Patras in Greece, Peloponnese resort.Patras in Greece, Peloponnese resort

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