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Victory Statue (Pobednik) description and photos - Serbia: Belgrade

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Statue of Victory (Pobednik) description and photo - Serbia: Belgrade

Victory Statue (Pobednik) description and photos - Serbia: Belgrade. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Pobednik.

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This monument in Belgrade is located in the historical park Kalemegdan, located around the Belgrade fortress. In Serbian, the name of the monument sounds like Pobednik, in translation - the monument to the Winner.

The Winner is considered one of the symbols of the Serbian capital, and a symbol with several meanings. The idea of its installation originated in 1912, and the monument was supposed to become a symbol of independence and the complete liberation of Serbia from Turkish rule. However, it was erected in 1928, and its installation was timed to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the breakthrough of the Solun front during the First World War.

The author of the monument was Ivan Mestrovich. Initially, it was assumed that the monument would be installed in the center of the fountain, which Mestrovic designed in 1912 and also dedicated to the liberation of Serbia from the Ottoman yoke. The fountain was installed on Terazije Square, work on its decoration continued, but the outbreak of the First World War forced the architect (an Austrian citizen) to interrupt work and leave Belgrade, and his unfinished creation was almost completely destroyed by the Austro-Hungarians.

As a result, the monument was erected in the Upper City of the Kalemegdan fortress. Ivan Mestrovich portrayed the winner as a giant youth, holding a hawk in the palm of one hand, and holding the handle of a sword with the other. The youth's face was turned towards Austria-Hungary. The installation of the monument caused criticism and controversy, as the young man was depicted naked. His figure was cast in bronze, the pedestal of the monument was made in the form of a tall column.

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Topic: Victory Statue (Pobednik) description and photos - Serbia: Belgrade.Victory Statue (Pobednik) description and photos - Serbia: Belgrade

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