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Things not to do in Sweden

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Capital of Sweden, Stockholm

Today Sweden – one of the most developed countries in Europe, it is not only a large economic center of Scandinavia, but also a land with huge cultural traditions. The most insignificant offense can be considered a violation of the law here, and inappropriate behavior of a tourist, seemingly remaining unnoticed, the next morning can become a topic for news on the TV channel. It is quite easy to conform to the Swedish mentality - – you just need to know the list of things that you should not do in this country.

Trying to find alcohol on the free market

Sweden, like Finland, it finally approved dry law a few years ago. Here it manifests itself in the fact that absolutely all alcohol is under state control, and you can buy it only in one chain of stores - « Systembolaget & raquo; even in Stockholm there are only 20 of them for the whole city, and they work from Monday to Friday. The queue, especially on holidays, can drag on for a couple of kilometers, and they take it already an hour before the official opening of the store. Any attempt to bypass this queue out of ignorance is met with amicable indignation of the Swedes.

Violate the garbage separation rule

For many years in Sweden there has been a concept of separate waste disposal. At the exit from each house and institution, you can see several containers with direction signs, what type of garbage can be thrown in them. Glass, plastic, food waste, paper – all this has its own collection container, and it is strictly forbidden to confuse them. The Swedes have a similar attitude to garbage – the largest fine will be for a plastic bag or any other non-degradable garbage thrown past the container.


Waste containers

Drive off the road

According to Swedish road legislation, the driver has the right to drive the vehicle only on asphalt or cobblestones where the vehicle is allowed to move. Pulling off the road to the side of the road is only possible in an emergency, such as an accident or any other accident. Cross-country travel in Sweden can be done either on foot, by bike or on horseback. Nobody intends to repeal this law, and a fine of up to several thousand euros is imposed for its violation.

Offending animals

Environmentalists and wildlife activists in Sweden have achieved criminal prosecution of those who have been seen at least once for cruelty to animals. Even inadvertently, a killed bird can be a reason for detention for up to 6 months. The same law regulates the behavior of tourists in country parks – you cannot rip the bark from trees, break branches, and also destroy bird nests. For such behavior in Sweden you can really earn a prison sentence, comparable to a crime of moderate severity.

Surprised by the absence of a washing machine in the apartment

If instead of a hotel for accommodation was chosen apartment in a multi-storey residential building, then there is no need to write a loud complaint, even if there is no washing machine in the luxury apartment. For Swedes to have this type of technology in the house – a great luxury that only wealthy families can afford. All other Swedes are used to washing their clothes in a public laundry, which is usually located on the first or basement floor of any residential building. Before going to do laundry, you must first register in a special house book.

Skip the lady forward

The level of emancipation in Swedish society may be a competitor to Great Britain – here feminists even have their own political parties, not to mention numerous social activists. Being a gentleman in modern Swedish society is considered a sign of bad taste and disrespect for the rights of free European women. Therefore, it is not recommended to open the door for a woman and give up a seat in public transport. By the way, this gender equality has led to a high level of male prostitution in all cities in Sweden.

Pay attention to other people's children

You can approach a crying child in a Swedish city and find out what happened to him, but by doing so you will give yourself away as a tourist. This is undesirable for at least two reasons. Firstly, in Sweden it is not customary to meddle in the affairs of a stranger, only if a obvious crime is committed, the Swedes calmly call the police by phone. Secondly, too much attention to children can provoke an interested human rights defender, who, upon seeing this, can accuse the person of sexual harassment.

Photographing private homes

The privacy of the Swedes is spelled out in this rule. Many Scandinavians tired of noisy cities, they settle next to nature conservation areas, thereby creating whole cottage villages. A tourist trail can also pass by such villages, but you cannot approach someone's house and filming it on camera – a tourist can be fined for intruding on privacy.

Making campfires outside the city

Barbecue lovers arriving in Sweden will be disappointed – outdoor fires can only be made here in strictly designated areas marked with a camping sign. The restriction calls for protecting nature from the risks of forest fires. Separately, a ban on making a fire in rocky areas is prescribed – the rocks of Sweden are also considered property.
As strange as it may sound, in a country with one of the highest incomes of the population, it is very difficult to find bargaining chips. Most of the hotels and large chains of restaurants and cafes have completely switched to paying with bank cards, cash accounts for only 10% of the country's financial turnover.

Make noise after 22:00

The short daylight hours and other climatic features of Sweden force the population to spend most of their life in the morning. Most of the organizations are open from 8:00 to 17:00, with the exception of some restaurants and, of course, nightclubs. But in hotel rooms and rented apartments you shouldn't make noise late at night, not to mention your behavior on the street.
but in a country with one of the highest incomes, it is very difficult to find bargaining chips. Most of the hotels and large chains of restaurants and cafes have completely switched to paying with bank cards, cash accounts for only 10% of the country's financial turnover.

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