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Things to do in India

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It is difficult to imagine that several decades ago India was a closed country where tourists were not recommended to come for a number of reasons. Now this densely populated state with an ancient culture is one of the most visited Asian regions by tourists. You can find out what every tourist who comes to India needs to do in most travel guides. But not all of them offer the most original ways of rest.

See the Taj Mahal

The main Muslim shrine of India, located in the city of Agra, is one of the most revered Asian landmarks; and one of the symbols of India's multinational culture. Since the 17th century, the famous mausoleum-mosque has been decorating Agra, being a central place of pilgrimage and tourist excursions. More than 5 million people come to this place annually, one third of whom are foreign citizens.


Taj Mahal

Buy a local train ticket

Indian long-distance trains are a topic for another conversation about the endurance and stress resistance of tourists. The country's transport network cannot cope with the growing population, so trains often leave overcrowded, regardless of direction. Most often, you will have to go in extremely unattractive conditions and with a large number of neighbors in a reserved seat. Tourists practically cannot get tickets to comfortable compartment cars in India.

Take a ritual bath in the Ganges

For many tourists who decided to join the Hindu culture, this action is included in a compulsory program that does not depend on a specific route. In any case, the tourist group, at the beginning or at the end of the tour, is brought to the city of Varanasi, where, together with a huge pilgrimage group, they perform one of the most important rituals in the life of every Hindu. However, no good intentions will save tourists from a possible infection that awaits them in the polluted waters of the river, so before the trip you need to take care of vaccines.


Ritual bathing in the Ganges

Sailing on a boat along the rivers of Kerala

House-Boat trips around Kerala are considered one of the most popular types of recreation here. Boats with a telling name are actually floating houses, or - floating hotels. The level of comfort of such floating hotels directly depends on the price - the most expensive options offer service at the level of the rajah, as the staff says. will be a great way to see India from the other side - to appreciate with your own eyes the natural wealth of tropical thickets, fauna and even Hindu temples hidden from prying eyes.

Floating hotel

Visit at least one Hindu temple

There are several thousand deities in the Indian pantheon, the most powerful of which are throughout the country all sorts of temple complexes were built.Most often, during excursion programs, tourists are offered to choose one or more temples that they wish to visit in a particular state.

To star in an Indian movie

For tourists in the high season in Goa, vacation can be the finest hour. At this time, agents of Indian film studios are literally on duty here. who are looking for characters for the roles of foreigners in a variety of films. Tourists are not guaranteed a high fee for an episodic role, but the studio will cover all travel and accommodation costs. Indian Dream Factory - Bollywood - is located in the neighboring state of Maharashtra. It is not recommended to travel there on your own - 80% of the state's population speaks Marathi, and even a good command of Hindi will not save you from the language barrier.

Check out the Arambol carnival

More one reason to visit Goa during the high season is the annual festival in the small village of Arambol. Every year in February thousands of all kinds of freaks from all over the world come here to put on a really bright and crazy show. The village itself is unofficially considered"the last refuge of the hippies" but apart from the typical “flower children” you can meet here a variety of young and not so young festival participants. There is also a Russian diaspora in the village, which is good news.

Carnival in Arambol

Buy national costume

This rule of tourists in India is most often observed by women. Leaving the country without a bright national sari is a big omission, according to many tourists. It is best to buy national costumes in the markets, where you can not only choose from a wider assortment, but also successfully bargain for a favorable price. The traditions of making sarees in each state may be different, and the price of a national cape sometimes skyrockets - everything will depend on the number of decorations on the fabric.

Try Indian cuisine

The variety of Indian cuisine is associated with specific traditions, which have been established in certain territories for centuries. You can't eat beef all over the country, pork dishes can only be tasted in Goa, and the southern states are the territory of a strict vegetarian diet. A special charm to Indian dishes is given by serving on organic plates, which are usually made from palm leaves.

Spending time with elephants

The training of Indian elephants is a whole an art filled with real danger, like any interaction with large mammals. In many states, entire reserves have been created where elephants are raised, tamed, and used for household or entertainment purposes. An elephant ride, like in Thailand, will become one of the most vivid holiday experiences in India. And for especially courageous tourists there is a special program, conventionally called"water procedures with elephants." Guests are led into the river along with an animal that uses its trunk to douche people.


Water treatments with elephants

Explore the spice plantation

Spices are one of the main industries India's economy, along with tea. Only if access to tea plantations is limited, then viewing the growth of the world's popular spices is very often open to foreign tourists. In addition to spices, such plantations grow many fruits that can be bought directly from the bush.

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