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Schloss Drassburg description and photos - Austria: Burgenland

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Schloss Drassburg) description and photos - Austria: Burgenland

Schloss Drassburg description and photos - Austria: Burgenland. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Schloss Drassburg.

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The Drassburg Palace is located in the small settlement of the same name, located in the border region of Austria on the territory of the federal state of Burgenland. The distance to the Hungarian border is only 4 kilometers.

The first mention of this castle dates back to 1459. Until that moment, the castle belonged to the Archbishop of Esztergom, the head of the Hungarian Catholic Church. Then he changed many owners - representatives of noble Hungarian families. The first palace appeared here in the 17th century, but in 1671 the land was confiscated by the Habsburgs. In the middle of the 18th century, the palace fell into the hands of the Mieszko family and was heavily rebuilt in the Baroque style. The work was completed in 1750, at the same time a magnificent park was laid out around the palace, which has survived to this day.

The next work on the reconstruction of the palace was carried out more than a hundred years later - in 1870. The appearance of the castle took on features characteristic of the style of romantic historicism prevalent at that time.

The castle was badly damaged during the Second World War - it was almost completely looted and partially destroyed. The restoration work took about 15 years. Until 1987, a luxury hotel functioned here, and then the castle became a private property. The new owners of the palace carried out another major overhaul, which lasted until 2009. Now the internal premises and the garden and park complex are partially open for tourist visits.

The palace itself is an exquisite three-story building, painted in light colors. The main facade was additionally skillfully decorated in the 19th century. However, the park designed by the great Andre Le Notre, who developed the park in Versailles, deserves more attention. The garden and park complex of the Drassburg Palace is considered one of the best-preserved parks of the 18th century. It is interesting that it is a regular French park, characterized by the dominance of symmetry, and an English landscape park, characterized by a variety of landscapes. There are also several sculptures of ancient gods in the garden.

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Topic: Schloss Drassburg description and photos - Austria: Burgenland.Schloss Drassburg description and photos - Austria: Burgenland

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